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Our Approach

We are motivated to deliver new ideas, concepts and stories that aren’t formed by a cookie cutter ideology.  Thinking outside of the box and yet knowing the audience we want to reach is critical in our success.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and ours began after we met and realized we both shared a passion for research, writing, and communications.  Our whirlwind romance and love for Christ led us to where we are today; an inseparable husband and wife team who are committed to make a difference with the skills and gifts were were given and make an impact on the world around us.

Meet the Team


Kara Ratcliffe


Kara is a graduate of Ashford University and has a B.A. in Communications Studies.  In addition to her formal education, Kara has had over 8 years experience in technical review and writing, as well as  presentation creation and training.  She worked full time for a pharmaceutical company as a professional trainer for 16 years, but is now working as a freelance writer and independent sales consultant full time.


Daniel Ratcliffe

Founder & CEO

Daniel is the author of Forbidden Origins, a novel that is soon to be published and available for purchase.  He has had over 5 years experience in research and writing, and over a year experience in advertisement and marketing.  In his spare time Daniel explores Bible prophecy and leads study groups on the topic.

Next Steps...

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